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Why give it all away?
I realized that by only helping people one-on-one, it wasn't possible to help everyone who really needed help. I noticed there wasn’t a spot-on accurate resource to help them get their book done and launched as best sellers, so I decided the process needed to be out there for the world.

It’s my passion to get as many of your stories and books out as possible. Why? Because I believe books change lives and save lives, regardless of the topic. I’ve seen it so many times that I know when you get your book out there, at some point it will save a life. Someone will be here because of your book that otherwise might not. It’s not just that, though. I want you to succeed in business and provide an incredible life for your family and employees. There’s nothing better than a book to drive leads and establish your authority and expertise with the market.

I’ve used this process to generate dozens of best-selling books for authors all while using my own book to generate significant (to me) recurring income. It works. And now it’s yours for free, so please enjoy it and bring your book to life.

What to expect
You’ll spend time, but it’ll be the best time investment you can make when it comes to your impact and business growth. Why? Because you’ll be investing in creating an authority piece that proves to your market that YOU are the person they need to work with.

How much time? Probably 50-80 hours, all in, depending on how long your book is and how “on top of it” you are with your concept and knowledge. (It can be as low as five to six hours if you hire a team, though).

Aside from time, you can expect some costs. The good news is? If you really want, you can get it done for under $150. That’s pretty cheap. Of course, there are other “middle-of-the-road” options and higher-end options. I’ll share those as we go.

Let's go!
If there’s someone you know out there looking to write or publish their book, would you please share with them? Let’s join forces to get all of those unwritten books out there!

Oh, and if you want some professional help along the way, I have a team of the most amazing people that can help you with anything from designing your concept, editing, cover design, publishing, launching correctly, reaching best seller, and just about anything else. If that's you, click here.